Where Is the National Apology to All the COVID Skeptics Who Were Right?

Where Is the National Apology to All the COVID Skeptics Who Were Right?

Where Is the National Apology to All the COVID Skeptics Who Were Right?

By Health Ranger Report

Here’s what others had to say:

The people who were harassed, called liars, extorted, coerced, lost wages, lost their Pensions, lost their Rental Income, lost their rental properties to Blackrock and Vanguard, lost their Medical Licences, lost their Professional Accreditation, the harms caused by the WHO, UN, CDC, and all Media is on a level that our historical society has never seen before. This is Economic Terrorism and Genocide, simple fact.

Rose McCutcheon
We knew we were right any way thanks to Mike Adams who kept us going in the right direction. Thank YOU..

Yes, not merely a national apology but drill down to the local level, in churches and in families. It would be good to restore some relationships and my part is to forgive, but if the other party is unrepentant of their foolishness and failure to discern the deception then there’s no path forward there. And even then when it’s person(s) in authority then I have a really hard time trusting their judgement and leadership anymore.

CDC is a political organization taking orders from the United Nations; There not an independent thinking organization..

All the doctors you mentioned push the germ theory lie. Why didn’t you mention those who spoke out against that key to the whole scam like Drs. Andrew Kaufman, Tom Cowan, Amandha Vollmer, Stefan Lanka, etc.

This covid19 lockdown stuff definitely has effected people mentally, socially and financially! These clowns that profited from this plandemic should be held responsible!

The CDCs new guidelines- did make the front page of our small 10 – 12 page local county wide paper- one page is aways obituaries- the past few years.

So, Mike, Why do you think that the CDC is now finally starting to tell the truth? I asked you this on another thread. My thought is that they are not doing this out of a sense of duty or altruism. There must be something in it for them: either they are attempting to avoid one or more negative consequences that they see possibly heading straight for them; or, they are about to try to pull something off which will greatly negatively affect we the people.

When are we going to see impeachment of the demented bogus president for weaponization of government agencies? There’re aren’t any higher crimes and misdemeanors than that!

Mind Shock
CORRECTION: The U.S. Postal Service employees were exempt from taking the Vaxxine. Thanks to that den of communists, Sleepy Joe was inserted into the White House by the largest amount of votes (81mm dead and alive) to ever appear for any American presidential candidate in history.

Original Source: https://www.brighteon.com/bf36a75d-4827-4fd4-92d0-c8952682c78b

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