The C0vid Story Everyone Should Be Talking About!

The C0vid Story Everyone Should Be Talking About!

The C0vid Story Everyone Should Be Talking About!

By Coronavirus Info

Global Covid Narrative Collapsing:

Over 1 billion Covid-19 vaccine doses to be thrown away ( by Governments.

French Parliament blocks the Covid pass ( for international travel.

Colorado drops Covid-19 vaccine mandate ( for healthcare workers.

Missouri and Lousiana take U.S. Govt and Social Media giants to court (

Cincinnati stops entire U.S. Air Force enforcing Covid-19 injections (

Rebel News OZ Journalist issued official apology ( by Victoria police.

Western Standard joins other MSM outlets ( reporting vaccines harmful.

CDC unhappy with low demand for child Covid injections ( across USA.

NIH and CDC employees questioning leadership and leaving ( in droves.

Growing Movement for Freedom:

Half of the global population ( no longer trust their governments.

Covid Camps Regulation in New York stopped by United New York State (

U.S. Teachers For Choice ( are against all forced medical Mandates.

Aussie Freedom Flyers ( in court for work rights and freedom to choose.

Unifying one-day global walkout event organised by Reignite Freedom (

Inspirational Covid-related Media:

When you see something wrong, you have to “Stand Up and Say No! (”

Graph showing worldwide majority questioning ( mainstream narrative.

Video of left and right uniting ( in France to defeat the Covid Pass.

7 Reasons to End Mask Mandates ( Guide for parents, teachers & public.

Update from lawyer ( who stopped C-19 injections for kids in Uruguay.

Healing & Community is Strength:

The global agenda is planned; it doesn’t mean it will happen (

Tess Talks with Robito on healing depression & suicidal ideation (

Study finds intermittent fasting reduces Covid-19 ( Symptoms.

Don’t avoid the world’s problems, but put focus on what we’re creating (

The growing network of CPN mentors ( us co-create a better world.

4 new weekly CPN community events to support each other ( on this journey.

Parallel Better World Debate:

Control Group ‘revolutionising our understanding of health (’ webinars.

Fasting and moving from allopathic medicine to innate healing (

Interview with NZDSOS who are building parallel health systems (

How you feel reading this news?

Nurturing a Positive focus optimises our ability to think, feel, heal and act (

We’ve reached 20.5K members.

Thank you for joining us!

We are uniting and supporting each other, as the old systems collapse and we unify to build a beautiful post-Covid better world – together.

We are the ones we are waiting for. Our strength and power is our focus. What we focus on expands.

The real COVID story has just begun – Creating Our Vision In Detail.


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