NYC Mayor Eric Adams Plans To Mandate C0VID Vaxxines for Kids This Fall

NYC Mayor Eric Adams Plans To Mandate C0VID Vaxxines for Kids This Fall

NYC Mayor Eric Adams Plans To Mandate C0VID Vaxxines for Kids This Fall

By Steve Kirsch

You simply cannot make this stuff up. This is unbelievable.

Here’s where he says it:

Watch the video at 19:10.

I’m glad I don’t live in New York City.

Let’s be clear that the correct COVID policy is simple:

  • If you are sick with COVID, stay home and use a proven combination of repurposed drugs to minimize any long-term effects.

That’s it.

What New York City is doing is nuts. You should never require kids to be vaccinated with an experimental vaccine that doesn’t work and is more likely to kill them than save them and where there is no emergency that exists that could possibly justify its use (i.e., healthy kids aren’t dying from COVID).

Original Source:

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