Nurse Erin – Exposing the Lies and Coverups

Nurse Erin – Exposing the Lies and Coverups

Nurse Erin – Exposing the Lies and Coverups

By Coach Joel Brow

@erin_bsn2 is a US forces Nurse who has been in the epicenter of this new world order agenda and has fought for her patients freedoms and health only to be censored and cancelled.

In this interview Nurse Erin shares with you how you can stand strong in times of mandates and discrimination and she reveals what unjust things are happening in hospitals right now all over the world due to this corrupt agenda taking place.


Here’s what others had to say:

Excellent live. Keep speaking up

Thank you both!!! Such valuable information.

Thank you for keep sharing the truth.

Please keep up fhe Great Content of Truth Behind the Scenes!!

So glad you are exposing it all for what it is!!! Keep it up. I love hearing it!!!

Amazing information shared! Thank you for sharing and speaking up!!

Thank you both for being so brave and spreading the TRUTH!

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