My Voicemail for Carol Crawford at the CDC on How to Stop C0vid Misinformation

My Voicemail for Carol Crawford at the CDC on How to Stop C0vid Misinformation

My Voicemail for Carol Crawford at the CDC on How to Stop C0vid Misinformation

By Steve Kirsch

Carol is in charge of telling social media companies to censor misinformation in violation of the US Constitution. I told her what I think of that. I’m putting my call into the public record.

Carol Crawford is the person at the CDC responsible for censoring misinformation spreaders.

In this video, I make a call to her to propose a way to end misinformation.

At the end of the call, I remind her that she is engaging in illegal acts by telling social media companies what content to censor. See page 7 for her message to Twitter showing them what to censor.

Twitter follows orders, even though Carol is breaking the law. They aren’t going to turn her in. On the contrary, they are in on it. This is collusion to censor free speech.

If you’d like to tell her you support my suggestion, you can reach her at

I’m sure she’d be delighted to hear from you.

You Tube censored my video within minutes of posting

I also uploaded the video on YouTube, but it was censored after just 6 views! YouTube will censor anything that makes the government look bad. So if you document government corruption, YouTube is not the place to post it.


Conway Judge who Writes Mr medic’s marvelous misinformation summed it up:

Brilliant. Looks like a win-win situation to me.

If they reply and go ahead with it, we all win as this will help get to the bottom of the issue of what exactly is or isn’t “misinformation.” I for sure am very interested in finding out how much I got right and or wrong. It’ll be a unique learning experience.

And if they don’t reply and/or go ahead with it, it only further cements the idea they are colluding to censor or otherwise bury data. They’ll look like crooks. Because there is no obvious societal benefit from not being transparent with the data and “science driven policies” affecting us all.

I hope for a response, but I won’t hold my breath.

I couldn’t have said it better if I had written it myself.

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