Julian Assange Had a Stroke in Belmarsh Prison

Julian Assange Had a Stroke in Belmarsh Prison

Julian Assange Had a Stroke in Belmarsh Prison

By Consortium News


John Shipton, tells French media outlet Thinkerview that his son has been vaccinated.

Here’s what others had to say:

Ellen Taylor Leemann
Julian stays in my thoughts and prayers daily and perhaps I care more for his situation than for any person outside those in my own family. His valor in the face of our evil leaders inspires me to stand up and fight for the truth.

Gregory Schmidt
Free Assange by Christmas Americans please call your representatives!!!

Solitary confinement 22hrs a day is psychological torture, because it is the worst punishment ever, hence, you loose your mind and it crushes your spirit, which then destroys you physically. You become the living dead in a catatonic insanity.

This is extreme cruelty, and just shows you how cold, callous and lacking in compassion are the people who are carrying out this torture on Julian. Those cruel people sold thier souls to the devil, so they can have and maintain power at the expense of humanity.

Logos Rising
Terrible what’s happening to him. I pray this will end soon for him and that he can enjoy freedom once again soon.

Jean Peace
So no human rights in a maximum security jail.

Bang goes the Human Rights Act ECHR etc. re: being forcibly vaccinated, not that the ECHR seems to mean much anyway these days.

Soledad Cruz
the title is completely off! Julian has no choice, no say over his own body! He was not allowed to chose the jab or not, or any other medication!!!

Original Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5X65jFLnYd8

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