Isaac Talks Vazzines at Magic’c Media Day

Isaac Talks Vazzines at Magic’c Media Day

Isaac Talks Vazzines at Magic’c Media Day

By David Harris Jr

Thank you, Jonathan Isaac!

This is the conversation that we should be having. Thank you @jonisaac_01 for speaking truth! Why are those that have antibodies being ignored or worse, being encouraged to get the jab? (My dad had the rona, and his dr still encouraged him to get the jab!)
It’s our body, it should be our decision… period!


Here’s what others had to say: 

Brilliant. Isaac is a brilliant young man

Natural immunity is the reason for civilization. Wake.

Sent this to my liberal friends an hour ago. Still waiting for a response. Probably trying to formulate a response that isn’t racist, which is exactly what’s on most of their minds.

Thank you for explaining your position so beautiful perfect you said exactly what needs to be said and understood.

Smart man has done his research and made his decision based on that.

Drug companies have NO LIABILITY with this vaccine. That’s it. End of story. They don’t back it 100%, so why TF should I trust it?

That is one athlete that did not sleep during classes in college. Well said!

Original Source:

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