Dr. Paul Offit, One of the World’s Most Respected Vaccine Experts, is Now Officially an Anti-vaxxer!

Dr. Paul Offit, One of the World’s Most Respected Vaccine Experts, is Now Officially an Anti-vaxxer!

Dr. Paul Offit, One of the World’s Most Respected Vaccine Experts, is Now Officially an Anti-vaxxer!

By Steve Kirsch

Dr. Paul Offit, one of the world’s top experts on vaccines, isn’t taking any more COVID vaccines.

I learned about Paul’s conversion to anti-vaxxer status from reading Brucha Weisberger’s substack article.

First, watch this TV news clip paying very close attention starting 50 seconds into the clip:

Here’s the definition of an anti-vaxxer:

He also said he’s not getting any more COVID shots until he sees more data


And more vaccine hesitancy…

The question for your blue pilled friends

“So, if Dr. Paul Offit isn’t getting any more shots, why are you? Do you know something he doesn’t?”

How you can help

Ask Paul on his Twitter account if he wants to see the Israeli safety data that they are hiding. You can refer to my article.

I’d do it myself, but I’m banned for life from Twitter as you all know for tweeting that the COVID vaccines cause prion diseases. They do. There is absolutely no doubt about that. But truth isn’t protected speech on Twitter and I don’t think anyone who works at Twitter believes that “true speech” should be protected.

Do you know anyone who works at Twitter in upper management who thinks it’s wrong to ban people for saying things that are true? I haven’t found one…


We now have one more anti-vaxxer in the world.

I just emailed Paul asking him if he wants to join Martin Kulldorff and see the Israeli safety data that the Israeli Ministry of Health does not want anyone to see. Let’s see how red pilled Paul really is. I’ll update this article if he responds. Don’t hold your breath. Apparently, being open to seeing safety data that is counter-narrative is a career limiting move.

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