Cover-Up of Severe Vaxxine Reactions and Fraudulent Clinical Trials Exposed by Whistleblowers

Cover-Up of Severe Vaxxine Reactions and Fraudulent Clinical Trials Exposed by Whistleblowers

Cover-Up of Severe Vaxxine Reactions and Fraudulent Clinical Trials Exposed by Whistleblowers

By Australian National Review


This is a massive cover-up and you & your children could be in danger.

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Well done Polly, excellent video. I want this nightmare to end. I feel we have a little way yet to go before the whole thing collapses in a heap. Unfortunately we are the ones who will have to pick up the pieces once the degenerates leave humanity in a mess.

This is hard to watch but super important. Thank you for keeping up the fight. Every video you make reaffirms my decision. Damn the torpedoes. You are a treasure.

I can’t stand this Campbell POS
He’s been pushing the vax and the booster big time.
He is dangerous to humanity.
Thanks Poly for all your hard work.

I thought they didn’t mix up the vaxxes. The article said initially he got the J&J. Now he got a Moderna booster.
GBS is no laughing matter. Has anyone seen him in public since he took the boojab?

The Centers for Disease Creation now say mixing and matching is okay. Just like mixing and matching outfits and accessories. No problem, they are all safe and effective. As we know… hahaha.
“You may choose which COVID-19 vaccine you receive as a booster shot. Some people may have a preference for the vaccine type that they originally received, and others may prefer to get a different booster. CDC’s recommendations now allow for this type of mix and match dosing for booster shots.”

As much as I think it would be a good thing for one of them to get the serious side effects they are mandating on others so the truth could come out in the mainstream, I think this is misinformation intentionally ‘leaked’ by the bad guys (Newsom’s people). RFK Jr is a good guy, possibly his source is, I don’t know but I think they have been given misinformation. I think it’s just another psyop or setup for a propaganda piece downplaying the side effects… “see it wasn’t that bad, over in a couple of weeks… benefits outweigh the risks”. He IS one of them, obviously. His first televised jab was faked. Why would he take the real thing now when there is on pandemic? Especially knowing the psychopathic elite’s plan, since he’s in on it? I don’t buy it.

Original Source:

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