CDC Kills Truth With Vax

CDC Kills Truth With Vax

CDC Kills Truth With Vax

By USA Tomorrow

Read the Fun table below this graphic…
In trying to justify that more unvaxxed people die if they catch the virarse versus they delete any deaths of vaxxed before 14 days later ie taking out anyone with the slightly adverse reaction of dying from the vaxx within 14 days.

Here’s what others had to say:

David Hunt
PS Gladlies where are the deaths of young people that would justify the oppression of so many people under 70 years old for so long?

Lucas Crane
Outrageous sophistry on a grand scale. Nobody should believe anything the CDC say after this.
If they are willing to pervert data in such an extreme way, determined to support a very obvious message, they should have no trust from the public.
An independent inquiry is needed, followed by a complete overhaul of the CDC & FDA looking at every part of their operation, recruitment and supposed impartiality.

Efton Geary
You do know it takes 2 weeks for the vaccine to be fully effective right? This was no secret. They have been saying that since the start of the vaccination. You are not vaccinated until the vaccine has started working. It’s not rocket science nor some kind of conspiracy. Man, you are reaching.

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