Biochemistry Debunks Corona

Biochemistry Debunks Corona

Biochemistry Debunks Corona

By Richard Lopez

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Mik C
Excellent presentation and well executed. I learned much, Thanks.

Sophie Seeker
Thank you more than I can express Richard! All thru this film at several turns I found causes of so many seemingly unconnected health problems I have suffered since preteens. Am now 82 YO ! .. Have spent fortune over years on supplements and diagnoses and NO real help `cept Vt C and D3. Each of my chronic or recurring dis-eases has a clear cause and now I rush to BOIRON order Kali Sulph and Feriph . BLESSINGS and I will post this link wherever I can …TOWARD A HEALTHIER POPULACE !

Justa Buddy
Amazing lesson. I watched it twice , and played it in the background one more time so the information would stick ..As a DIY enthusiasts of oils and herbal infusions this education of cellular history offers an
Incredible opportunity to share food facts & ..I just ordered 20k of potassium.

Justin Reid
Richard Lopez you are on fire my friend. Your last three videos have been enlightening to say the least. Praise be the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.

Esther Purkey
So my entire family, that lives in 2 different locations, had dinner together one night and within 4 days, everyone came down with the rona. That’s never set right with me, but don’t know where it came from…

Brandi Bischof
Awesome! I have that book The Zodiac and the Salts of salvation… have the other one also. God -man The word made flesh. Very impressed by your videos and how you tie in the esoteric knowledge! Bravo!

Straws OFF the NEURODIVERGENT camel’s back
Well, veganism nor fruitarianism worked for me, my skin became super dry and so itchy I could not sit crosslegged – why is it always fruits and veggies??? war on meat, huh??

Kappa Kappa
heck ye ive been vegan for a while and known that raw vegan is the best way to eat and whenever i get sick no matter what i go raw but i need to go fully raw.

Cathy Marshall
I used to ask people to think about WHY doctors in med school arent taught nutrition (at least not very much).Not too many got it right,that good nutrition keeps illness away,and thats the reason the big the controlers took it away from medical schools. Thank you.

Awesome work. Welcome to the Community kathleen Pacific Northwest. I will be sharing your video by putting it on my playlist of which I made public well over a year.

larry kendrick
Raised on a farm here, I’ve seen what happens to unvaccinated animals, I’m an animal, if you an animal you should use your brain.

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