Bill Gates Admits Using GMO in Vaxxine

Bill Gates Admits Using GMO in Vaxxine

Bill Gates Admits Using GMO in Vaxxine

By Banned Videos

“We’re taking things that’re genetically modified organisms and we injecting them in the little kids arm we just shoot them right into the vain”Bill Gates.

Here’s what others had to say:

Jay Hill
Look at the excitement he gets from this

Practicing medicine without a license, ea Bill?

Canadian Cinderelly
And people are currently dying off like flies………….. pure evil.

rakesh chauhan
Anyone else notice the woman’s finger did the injection signal when the man said: “shoot into the vein”

Steve Email
Would like to see the full, unedited clip,. What he said BEFORE this clip. Context is everything.

Buddy Smudge
I can’t stand this demon but Ive seen the whole video and this is out of context. How can we fight against this when the proof we have is weak and damages our case??? We need to do better to wake the masses

Oh it’s pretty important to have what he said prior and after included in this bullshit video.

I hope the same ppl in these comments aren’t the same ppl pushing masks and calling it normal.

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