ANR Founder Says,” Calls For A 5th Booster, Not Just A 4th One, Are Absurd And Deadly

ANR Founder Says,” Calls For A 5th Booster, Not Just A 4th One, Are Absurd And Deadly

ANR Founder Says,” Calls For A 5th Booster, Not Just A 4th One, Are Absurd And Deadly

Telegram Post By Jamie McIntyre

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ANR Founder says,” calls for a 5th booster, not just a 4th one, are absurd and deadly.
If anyone can’t tell Covid is a scam, now that they are calling for a 5th vaccine shot, and doesn’t get that it’s the vaccines making so many sick not Covid, should perhaps seek mental health treatment for a sheer lack of intelligence.

They have been well and truly duped and brainwashed.

Very few will survive a 3rd booster, let alone a 4th and a 5th booster. You might as well jump off a cliff, and commit suicide, as it will be a less painful death.
Stupidity is deadly.

Comply with these lies and you will die. It’s a pretty simple choice.

One excess Australian drops dead every 15 mins based on Jan 2022 excess mortality rate of 2865 extra deaths, a 22.1% jump. The only thing that could have caused this was the Covid vaccines,” he went on to say.

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