USA Jab Injury – Natalie, From USA

USA Jab Injury – Natalie, From USA

USA Jab Injury – Natalie, From USA

By Jab Injuries Global

Natalie, USA

My name is Natalie Iannucci. I am thirty-two years old. I was thirty-one at the time of my Pfizer vaccination. I received both in January of 2021. I was a healthcare worker and felt it was the right thing to do to get my personal and professional life back to normal. I also was told by people I trusted that being vaccinated would be required to travel and dine out; both things I loved doing. Soon after my vaccination, I started having blurry vision and heart palpitations as well as a metallic taste in my mouth. At the time, I wrote it off. I then began with debilitating fatigue and malaise, numbness, tingling, burning and parasythesias, jelly legs, and weakness everywhere. I could barely sit up to reach for a glass of water on my coffee table. I have had brain fog, dizziness, internal tremors and vibrations, insomnia, ear issues, eye issues, headaches and head pressure, and mensuration only lasting a day. I’ve been to multiple different doctors both eastern and western, had more appointments, tests, and blood work than I’ve had my entire life. I was a health, energetic, active, lively person who never had more than a cold. I was ready to start my family this year. Now I’m a shell of myself. I can’t do the things I used to do without paying for them later. I’ve completely changed my diet and take multiple supplements a day. I had to resign fro my physically demanding job to focus on recovering. My world is upside down. I’m over ten months out and still have little to no answers or guidance. Luckily those of us suffering have found each other and can help each other with what is and isn’t working but if that’s not messed up, I don’t know what is. I’m appalled at these mandates. I’m appalled that people like me can’t get exemptions. I’m appalled at the denial of the medical community. I do acknowledge those that are putting their careers on the line for scientific truth and am thankful but when they do they are silenced. ENOUGH!

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