UK Jab Injury – Harriet, From UK

UK Jab Injury – Harriet, From UK

UK Jab Injury – Harriet, From UK

By Jab Injuries Global

Harriet, UK

So, I’ve been stupidly quiet on here for a while, and this is why. Since having my COVID-19 jab back on May 27th 2021, I’ve been living in and out of hospital. It started off with shortness of breath to now being diagnosed with ulnar nerve palsy in my left arm, which has effected all movement in my arm, hand, and fingers. Loads of MRI scans, ultrasound scans, and nerve conducting tests, I’ve been informed my nervous system is being attacked. It’s resulted in me losing feeling in my left leg too. M right arm is showing signs of losing feeling. Fortnightly MRI scans are happening, and my next scan is on my spinal cord to see how damaged my spinal nerve is. Crazy how one jab can cause so much damage.

Smiling even when you’re breaking on the inside is a skill of mine nowadays.

Never in my life have I ever felt so useless.

Never did I think I would lose so many “friends” in such a short space of time.

Never do you want to hear your own parents say to you: “We are worried you could die before us” when the pain is that bad, and they witness the tremors and uncontrollable shaking and how weak I get.

Never did I think I could be branded a “liar” and that this is all made up.

Never did I think I’d have to try and prove to people what’s going on by showing every single hospital letter, discharge note, and still get branded a “liar” as no one else they know has been affected by the vaccine.

This is very real, what’s going on. The fact that I’m still having tests and appointments with a consultant at the hospital surely shows this isn’t made up or a big lie. They wouldn’t even entertain doing all the tests, which costs the NHS thousands of pounds a time, if this was “fake.”

But we continue to “smile” just to pretend everything is okay.

Yes, everyone’s got their own opinions, but if you don’t have anything nice to say, then please keep it to yourself.

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