UK Jab Injury – Felicity, From UK

UK Jab Injury – Felicity, From UK

UK Jab Injury – Felicity, From UK

By Jab Injuries Global

Felicity, UK

My reaction to the Pfizer vaccine.

First off, this is about me, Felicity, and my experience. I’m twenty-nine and have always been fit and healthy. I had my first Pfizer jab in June 2021, and I was unwell for roughly a week. I had one “seizure” and general COVID-19 symptoms.

I rang 111 the morning after, and they said it was nothing to worry about. I also rang my GP to see if I qualified for an exemption, but I didn’t.

After the second Pfizer jab on August 24th 2021:
— Non-epileptic seizures;
— Tremors;
— Headaches;
— Blurred vision;
— Confusion;
— Brain fog;
— Dizziness;
— Pains in neck and head;
— Weakness in whole body;
— Paralysis;
— Chest pains; and,
— Required twenty-four hour care.

Many will already be aware that I have been suffering with non-epileptic seizures (as well as a whole host of other symptoms — headaches, blurred vision, tremors, shaking, sensitivity to light etc) since having my second Pfizer vaccine on August 24th 2021.

Sadly, I do not seem to be getting any better and I do not feel that I am getting the help that I need. I am being passed from pillar to post and I do not seem to be getting anywhere. This is happening to me daily and I have been in and out of hospital. I am unable to continue with normal life. I cannot go into work, I cannot be alone, and I cannot do the every day things I would normally do unassisted.

On the evening of August 24th 2021, my whole body became paralysed. I was carried to bed and my body began convulsing. The fits continued into the next day. Paramedics were called out on August 26th 2021. I was taken into hospital for tests. I was back in hospital on August 29th 2021 then referred to another hospital where I was kept in for tests and observation. Having called 111 several times, I had red flags for neurological symptoms. I was then taken to A&E again on September 1st 2021. I was then given an appointment on September 9th 2021 having been referred to an epilepsy centre but I do not have epilepsy.

The fits occur between two to twelve times per day and can last anywhere from a few minutes to two hours.

More recently, I have been having terrible chest pains. An ambulance was called on the morning of September 15th as I thought I was having a heart attack. The muscles around my heart had gone into spasm and I could not breathe and had pains in my arm.

As of the January 4th 2022, it marks four weeks since my second Pfizer vaccination and yesterday was the first full day in twenty-eight days that I didn’t have a seizure. Yes, I am still suffering with a constant headache and body pain, tremors, convulsions, blurred vision, chest pains, shortness of breath, extreme fatigue, brain fog, confusion, dizziness, low BP, weakness, paralysis, and eyes that are so sensitive to light that I have to wear sunglasses in the house; but I am trying to celebrate the little wins and be as positive as I can be. Up until this day, I have been suffering with up to twelve fits per day and would often spend half the day semi-conscious and in agonising pain.

Last week on Tuesday, my whole body became paralysed and my legs gave in on me. On Wednesday, my whole body was in spasm and the muscles around my heart went into spasm. I couldn’t breathe and I had shooting pains down my arm. My family called an ambulance as we thought it was a heart attack and I genuinely thought that was the end for me. I battled through that day as I was determined to get to Halifax for Ozone therapy (which was brilliant). On Thursday, I went to a private hospital and spent the whole of my duration there uncontrollably shaking and barely able to communicate. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were spent resent in bed from sheer exhaustion. I hope from here things only get better.

I do not feel that I am getting the help I need.

If you know of anyone who may be able to help, or anyone that is suffering with side effects, please share this post.

Thank you to my wonderful family and boyfriend and for all of the supportive and loving messages at this difficult time.

Felicity x.

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