New Zealand Jab Injury – Sarah, From New Zealand

New Zealand Jab Injury – Sarah, From New Zealand

New Zealand Jab Injury – Sarah, From New Zealand

By Jab Injuries Global

Sarah, New Zealand

I’ve just turned thirty-five and never in a million years did I ever think I would turn up at A&E with what I thought was a heart attack. I got my first vaccination on November 30th 2021 and since then, it’s been downward spiral in health.

A couple of days after I had my vaccination, I was near bedridden. My bones hurt and I felt like my whole body was riddle with arthritis. That came right in about a week. On December 14th, I woke up struggling to breathe like there was a break sitting on my chest. As well as a sore throat, cough, and no energy, I was also fatigued and dizzy. I was freaking out so I went to the hospital. To be honest, they were really good at the start. Quickly ran through tests they original thought I had a blood clot on my lung. X-rays and ultrasounds came back normal. Oxygen stats and ECG all came back fine.

This is where they lost interest in me — once all the results came back clear, they told me it could be anxiety and sent me home with more pain relief. I definitely don’t have anxiety (or maybe I do from listening). I never get sick and thankfully I have a ton. Of sick days as I’ve only been at work for five days throughout December. They will soon run out if I don’t get some answers soon. I’m still no better off and still don’t have answers. I’m constantly tired. I can’t focus on much for long. Mega brain fog to the point where I stood up out of bed and literally forgot what I was ding and why I was out of bed. I even forgot how to walk.

My chest is still heavy and struggling to catch a breath. If I can breathe, I just feel like I can’t get enough. My whole body aches.

And this week I got diagnosed with Pericarditis…

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