Ludovica Bizzaglia: 25-year-old Italian Actress Develops Pericarditis Days After Second Moderna mRNA Injection

Ludovica Bizzaglia: 25-year-old Italian Actress Develops Pericarditis Days After Second Moderna mRNA Injection

Ludovica Bizzaglia: 25-year-old Italian Actress Develops Pericarditis Days After Second Moderna mRNA Injection

By The COVID Blog

Ms. Ludovica Bizzaglia

ROME — A 25-year-old Italian actress and Instagram influencer missed the 78th Venice International Film Festival and cut her vacation short after post-injection heart issues.

Ms. Ludovica Bizzaglia received her second Moderna mRNA injection on August 5, according to a video posted on Instagram. She was on vacation in Greece when she received the injection. Ms. Bizzaglia experienced sharp chest pains, shortness of breath and tingling sensations in her extremities a few days later. But she dismissed it as “anxiety” and continued her vacation to the mountains of Bormio, Italy.

Her condition progressively worsened, prompting her to believe she had a heart attack. Ms. Bizzaglia cut her vacation in Bormio short and returned to Rome to see a Dr. Massimo Massetti at the Agostino Gemelli University Policlinic. She was immediately diagnosed with pericarditis, a known, common and dangerous adverse effect from the mRNA injections. “I was in shock, but I want to tell everyone that with the right therapy and a lot of rest, you can heal,” she told the Corriere della Sera.

Instagram video and disturbing messages

Ms. Bizzaglia shared her experience in an Instagram video that week. A rough, incomplete translation is underneath.

Took the second dose on August 5 and after a short time, left for the summer holidays in Greece. I have always suffered from anxiety and panic attacks. Started feeling bad and decided to go to the hospital for various checks such as electrocardiogram, etc., etc. I was told I was just very anxious and was prescribed sedatives. But I went back to Rome immediately because it was no longer feasible to stay with the excruciating pain. I went to my cardiologist and he diagnosed me with vaccine-induced heart pericarditis.

She went on to regurgitate big pharma talking points in interviews with Italian media. “The risk of myocarditis or pericarditis is much higher for those who have COVID-19 and it is not true that for young people the virus is just a cold,” she said. A University of California study released last week found that teenage boys are six times more likely to suffer from post-injection heart problems than to be hospitalized from COVID-19.

Ms. Bizzaglia also said that kids left messages on Instagram saying they secretly received the mRNA injections behind their parents’ backs because people like her inspired them.

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