Germany Jab Injury – Anabel, From Germany

Germany Jab Injury – Anabel, From Germany

Germany Jab Injury – Anabel, From Germany

By Jab Injuries Global

Anabel, Germany

Hello, I am 22 and turned 21 on 11 August with J+J vaccination. Before the vaccination I was in great shape, I often went for walks and even bought a racing bike at the beginning of August. The next day after the vaccination I was really hot, fever, muscle pain. I felt worse than I think ever in my life. After about 4 days I thought it was over but nothing there. Tiredness and exhaustion followed from mid-August. The 2 km Wg by bike to the supermarket became a huge task. In addition, I didn’t sleep 7 hours like before, but rather 10 and was still more tired. When I came home from my 3-hour internship I had to lie down for 4 to 5 hours before I was physically able to cook food. So I struggled through the rest of August and September. Everyone smiled at me as if I was imagining it all. At the beginning of October I thought that I was finally seeing better.

Tiredness lessened and I was able to go for a walk again. Even if it was only 15 minutes. Then, unfortunately, I got sick again for 3 weeks and since then nothing has worked at all. That was in October and since then I’ve been sleeping about 12 hours a day and going from the basement to the first floor is like a marathon for me. There are also concentration problems. I’ve always liked to read a lot and I’m also studying, so long concentration was never a problem for me, but for about 4 months it’s no longer possible. I often have to read things umpteen times because I can no longer process the words correctly. And the spelling has been difficult for me for some time (never had a problem with it).

The doctor has now referred me to cardiology because of exertional dyspnea. Possibly. He said I have something with the heart muscle.

This hell trip since August just doesn’t seem to want to end.

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