The Girl’s Mom Got Her 1st Shot on June 21 and Died on June 27th

The Girl’s Mom Got Her 1st Shot on June 21 and Died on June 27th

The Girl’s Mom Got Her 1st Shot on June 21 and Died on June 27th

By Staff Reporter

Robin Spring Saunders For those who know my mom and the beautiful person she was. I am extremely heartbroken to inform everyone that she is no longer with us. At 252 today she left us. She was in no pain. I really don’t know how I’m doing this. I am completely lost and still in a bit of shock. To those who knew her and loved her thank you very much for making her a part of your life. I hope she touched you all like she did her family and the ones closest to her. There will be a viewing and funeral. When it has been arranged I will post on her page the details. If anyone close to her has anything they would like to share like pictures with her or questions then you are more than welcome to message me on here.

Rip mom, I love you and miss you so much. You left us way too soon.

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