Nasos Katris 32-year-old Fashion Designer Dies After AstraZeneca Vaxxine

Nasos Katris 32-year-old Fashion Designer Dies After AstraZeneca Vaxxine

Nasos Katris 32-year-old Fashion Designer Dies After AstraZeneca Vaxxine

By Kemberly

Nasos Katris

Greece: The news fell like a bolt from the blue that Nasos Katris, who worked as a stylist, was found dead in his home in Lagonisi. The 32-year-old was found lifeless in his apartment Tuesday morning by a friend of his. His relatives had called him on the phone for the past few hours, but he hadn’t answered. The day before, the young man had been vaccinated with the AstraZeneca preparation.

Nasos Katris’ girlfriend, fashion designer Athena Vaticanou, said the 32-year-old threw up blood last night. “The EKAB ambulance crews who collected his body told us it was very likely that his death was related to some side effect from the vaccine. Nasos received the vaccine on Monday at noon at 4pm and returned home. He was fine. He ate with a friend and then went to sleep. What we found is that he vomited blood”.

His phone was found on the other side of the bed. “The doctors told us that after the autopsy they will be able to know more about what caused her sudden death,” the girl told So far there is no news on the causes and circumstances of his death, while the results of the autopsy should shed “light” on the case.

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