Germany: 10 Senior Citizens Dead Within Four Days After Pfizer Vaxxine

Germany: 10 Senior Citizens Dead Within Four Days After Pfizer Vaxxine

Germany: 10 Senior Citizens Dead Within Four Days After Pfizer Vaxxine

By The COVID Blog

LANGEN, GERMANY — An investigation is underway after 10 people died within four days of getting the Pfizer BioNTech shot.

Researchers at the Paul Ehrlich Institute said 10 people between the ages of 79 and 93 died within hours or days after receiving the shots. The Paul Ehrlich Institute is a federal agency of the German Ministry of Health. Brigitte Keller-Stanislawski, head of the institute’s product safety division, said that most of the patients were already gravely ill.

“Until [Thursday] we had nine cases; we have to wait for the data from Lower Saxony [about another alleged case], then there will be 10,” Keller-Stanislawski said at a press conference. “Based on our current data we assume they died from their main diseases, coinciding in time with the vaccination.”

Germany has already injected one million of its citizens with the first dose of Pfizer or Moderna mRNA shots. Despite being termed “vaccines,” these inoculations do not fit the legal definition of vaccine. Further it is becoming clear that inoculating people over age 70 and with other health issues is ill-advised. At least four elderly people died within hours or days of getting the shots in Israel. Norwegian authorities said at least 13 nursing home patients died within days or hours of receiving the shots.

The Paul Ehrlich Institute also reported 325 other side effects, with 51 classified as “severe.”

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