Family Mourns After Fully Vaxxinated Woman Dies From BS-19

Family Mourns After Fully Vaxxinated Woman Dies From BS-19

Family Mourns After Fully Vaxxinated Woman Dies From BS-19

By Joe Galli | WOAI Staff

SAN ANTONIO (WOAI) — A San Antonio family is devastated after their loved one lost her battle with COVID-19 — even though she was fully vaccinated.

Tracy Anderson just turned 48 years old before being admitted to CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital Westover Hills.

I went to the chapel and her nurses had called and said, ‘She’s not going to make it so if there’s something you need to say say it now,’” recalled Andrea Alston, Anderson’s wife of almost three years.

According to the family, Anderson was a loving and giving woman. She collected Monopoly board games and was a huge fan of Michael Jackson.

Tracy Anderson, 48, took smiling screenshots as she was battling COVID-19 in a San Antonio hospital. She had COPD, pulmonary hypertension and diabetes. Despite being fully vaccinated she passed away after a 12 day battle with coronavirus. Her story from her wife and twin sister coming up at 5pm on News 4 San Antonio.

Tracy and Andrea were fully vaccinated in February. Tracy also had underlying health conditions including pulmonary hypertension and COPD.

Tracy started to feel sick on her birthday last month and she tested positive for COVID-19 at the hospital.

I was positive as well so I had to immediately go into quarantine at home while my wife is fighting for her life in the hospital which is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do,” Alston said.

Tracy’s battle with COVID was a roller coaster ride; feeling better, then feeling worse.

Tracy Anderson.

Even after she was intubated, her family, especially her twin sister Stacy Hobdy, would FaceTime with her.

From the Saturday after her birthday when she went in the hospital and then the day she left us was 12 days. She fought like hell. but it just went so fast and we just can’t imagine some will be gone in 12 days,” Hobdy said.

Stacy, being the older sister by 30 seconds, tried to motivate Tracy to hold on.

I told Tracy that ‘hey I got our tattoo, so now it’s your turn, you need to get better so you can get yours’, and unfortunately she wasn’t able to get hers,” Hobdy said.

Even after Tracy Anderson was intubated her family would continue to FaceTime with her.

The family does not know where Tracy caught COVID-19.

They believe it’s possible she was exposed to someone who was not vaccinated and carrying the virus; possibly, when she returned to work in person.

I want to inspire other folks to please get vaccinated and please wear a mask and wash your hands. Do everything that you can to stop the spread, so another family won’t be feeling this pain that we are feeling right now,” Alston said.

There are mounting hospital and funeral costs with Tracy’s death.

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