Moderna Vaxx Side Effects

Moderna Vaxx Side Effects

Moderna Vaxx Side Effects

By Vaccine Victims

Oh c’mon yall. I’m worried and to find anything substantial is impossible while sifting through post after post from every hypochondriac around. I know we’re all afraid but b4 asking fb for medical info, research first please.

Yes swolen lymph nodes are common. Your breast have lymph nodes so lumps are common.( after a week get checked) Your body thinks you have a virus so your body thinks your infected hence stolen lymph nodes. Swolen gums and toothache means see the dentist its a separate issue and NOT due to vaccine. Fever and chills are common.

I had red bumps after but went away as well as was REALLY SORE FOR OVER A WEEK. Neuropathy (tingles in hands or feet) that may be neurological so pay attention to it. Sore body after is common. Heart palpitations should be monitored but could be anxiety or caffeine. Vision changes could be neurological so pay attention.

The brain is a powerful thing so if you look for symptoms your brain will give u something to worried about. To know what’s real and not try forget about it. If it’s substantial then you will know. Your body won’t let u ignore it.

Now that being said plz allow my to be a hypocrite. I joined to fine out if anyone is having neurological issues. Dementia like symptoms. Forgetting words. Studdering brain fog. I do have adhd but im 37 years old and have never had this issue. I took Moderna.

I only took vaccine to protect my parents who r on oxygen n now after a month of decline im starting to worry. Sorry if I offended anyone but got a lil frustrated when I’m concerned and see stuff about tooth aches. Let’s use common sense please. A tooth infection isn’t from a vaccine and if that’s your only symptom then you shouldn’t worry


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