USA Jab Injury – Madison Taylor, From USA

USA Jab Injury – Madison Taylor, From USA

USA Jab Injury – Madison Taylor, From USA

By Jab Injuries Global

Madison Taylor, USA

As an immune compromised person, I am still required to get this vaccine. The vaccine isn’t bad, the mandate is. The ingredient 2-distearoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholline [DSPC] is an ingredient in the vaccine and trigger to my autoimmune dicers and caused my body to go into shock, which caused vaginal bleeding for ninety-four days. I was then misdiagnosed with endometrial cancer, told I would most likely need a hysterectomy. When we got into my uterus, we found it was filled with blisters, so I received a D&C. After surgery, I reached out to my doctor and requested a medical exemption because all of my health issues had started eight hours after I got my first dose of the vaccine. I was denied a medical exemption and told that the vaccine was not the cause of all this and it was just a coincidence. The school I attended has a vaccine mad ante and I also was denied jobs until I got vaccinated. If I did not get vaccinated, I would have to pay back the USD$30,000 that I am receiving in grants for the school year and would be kicked out of our apartment. There was no choice. None of you have to live with this but me. People like me are supposed to be protected from these types of things.

This isn’t meant to be a post discouraging anyone from getting the COVID-19 vaccine one bit and normally I don’t speak out on political things or anything of this nature. I really like to stay neutral. I am also not anti-vac but I just want to share my story just in case anyone needs to hear this. I am also not trying to discourage anyone from getting the vaccine because I think it’s important that people who choose that it is right for their body to be vaccinated should but rather I am speaking out so people can know to be educated on the vaccine they get and how it may affect their bodies. I know so many people that have gotten the vaccine that have been fine and this is a small margin of people that this has happened to but I think that it is important to know about it because I wish I would have.

In the eleven days after receiving my first dose of the vaccination, I had the worst pains I’ve had in my whole life since then. This is on top of excessively heavy vaginal bleeding (I am on birth control and have not had a period in nine months) as well as insane uterus and stomach pain. I Have been in urgent care and gynaecologists office since then and what has been found is that I have a vaginal infection as well as significant thickening of my uterus lining. On top of that, I am being tested for kidney stones. After talking to doctors and feeling crazy because this all started eight hours after my first dose, I decided to Google it and have found that so many people are suffering from the same thing and it’s dangerous. The purpose of this is to share my story and encourage others to educate themselves on the ingredients and the vaccine might affect their bodies. The CDC has also spoken out on this and although they cannot rule it right now as a side effect, they are doing extensive testing to know why this is happening.

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