New Zealand Jab Injury – Olivia, From Christchurch, New Zealand

New Zealand Jab Injury – Olivia, From Christchurch, New Zealand

New Zealand Jab Injury – Olivia, From Christchurch, New Zealand

By Jab Injuries Global

Christchurch, New Zealand

I’m in Christchurch and I did not want this vaccine, but I’m a community healthcare worker and I didn’t want to lose my job as I love my job! I also have two kids that I wanted to be able to support as well.

After the first vaccine I got the normal side effects, aching body, fevers on and off for a week, and headaches, but after a week I started having mild chest pain. Like a dull ache. I didn’t think anything of it, but a week after that (two weeks after receiving my first jab), the dull ache behind the left of my breastbone turned into a very painful stabbing sensation that would send shocks through my chest. I went to hospital and everything looked normal, so they sent me home. The doctor told me I should definitely get the second one, but they get the second one, but they couldn’t guarantee this wouldn’t happen again or get worse. So, against my will, I went and got the second one because the mandate came in for my job.

One night after the second vaccine, the pain in my chest started again. This time, I also felt like I couldn’t breathe. The pain in my chest has continued, and I’m now twenty-two days posed the second vaccine. I have been in and out of hospital, had a high d-dimer, which they did a CT scan for but couldn’t find anything. Every single day, my heart rate resting has sat at about one hundred. If I move around, even in bed, my heart rate can go all the way up to one hundred and forty. The hospital won’t do anything. In fact, I went in two days ago as the pain in my chest is unbearable. So is the feeling of my heart pounding right where the pain is. The hospital said yes, I had tachycardia but everything else is fine. The ambulance said my ECG didn’t look normal, but the other hospital said it was fine other than the tachycardia. They told me to stay the night in hospital for monitoring. Then at 2am, a social worker walked in to ask me how I was doing mentally. Wow. I couldn’t believe they were taking that route.

I have had an appointment with nzdsos today and I hope they can help! As I can’t work, I can’t even walk around after my kids without my heart pounding through my chest, the pain I’m searing, and I’m so tired and weak. I don’t know what’s wrong and nobody will help! I hate it so, so much! I should never have given in. I had the nightmares before getting the first, and I was telling myself not to get it, but I didn’t listen.

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