Australia Jab Injuries – Key – From Bathurst, Australia

Australia Jab Injuries – Key – From Bathurst, Australia

Australia Jab Injuries – Key – From Bathurst, Australia

By Jab Injuries Global


As a heathy thirty year old woman, mum of three kids, I was extremely hesitant to get the vaccine. I as so hesitant that after seeing and hearing all the stories and stood firm, I did not want to get it done. However, I work for an organisation that is funded by the Government. I was mandated after being told it was going to be. We were told it was never going to be “forced” but every single day it was spoken about.

A little medical history — I have stage four endometriosis. I’ve had three surgeries and half my reproductive system removed. After reading on the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) website that women were stating they had bleeding etc after receiving the vaccine, I was even more hesitant. I consulted with my doctor and specialist to get an exemption and was told no. I should get the Pfizer vaccine as it would less likely cause effects.

Every vaccine I have received since I was a baby, I’ve always had adverse reactions. Take chicken pox fo example — I ended up in hospital for three weeks with it in my mouth, my eyes, you name it. So, I was even more hesitant to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Still, after being told no, I was not entitled to an exemption, I rolled up my sleeve and cried the entire time.

The nurse asked me if I was okay. I looked at her and said: “How is any of this okay? If I don’t get it, I loose my job. If I do get it, I risk my heart. If I don’t get it, my children are stuck to endure lockdown for as long as I don’t.”

Fast forward to October 28th 2021, I got my first Pfizer vaccine. I felt awful after getting it. I had hot and cold flushes, nausea, headaches, and vomiting. That was normal apparently. The next day I got really light headed. I can only explain it as if I had vertigo. I couldn’t stand upright for long at all.

I was vomiting non-stop, severe chest pain, and so on. It even go to the point where I asked my husband to stay awake until I fell asleep as I feared I would die in my sleep.

I contacted my doctor and alerted them of what had happened and explained I’m too scared to get the second Pfizer shot. He insisted I as fine and it was normal and strongly encouraged the second vaccine.

Fast forward to the second Pfizer shot. Of course I was dreading it. I felt pressured, unsupported, and forced in lesser words.

On November 19th 2021, I had to sit for an extra twenty minutes as I was told I have “anaphylaxis” to peanuts. Not that I reported how bad the first reaction was.

I got it done and went to get my children before heading into town. Within an hour, I said to my middle child: “Is it hot, sweetheart?” She replied: “Not at all.” I was dripping in sweat and became extremely light headed again. I ended up going home where I started vomiting again and the vertigo sensation was back. I pushed through the night, shivering in hot and cold sweats.

The next day came around and I could hardly move out of bed. I was extremely lethargic and limp. By this stage, I started getting extremely bad chest pain. Thinking about it now, it still scares me. I called my local GP and ended up driving myself there was everyone was at work and school. Within five minutes of explaining I got the second Pfizer shot the day before, she did the normal observations on me. She got to listening to my heard and said the word “oh” and paused for what felt like a long time. She then asked me to lie down and checked my blood pressure.

Within a minute of seeing it at 150/90 and a heart rate of 150, she called for assistance. She started that I needed to go to the nurses and lay on the bed immediately so they could hook me up to an ECG machine and they would call an ambulance. She stated my heart was tachycardia along with high blood pressure and she held concern that if it wasn’t attended too quickly I’d become ill very quickly.

Silly enough, I drove myself to the hospital. Didn’t want to pay an ambulance fee so close to Christmas. Upon arriving, there were three nurses and two doctor’s waiting for me. They rushed me straight in and had me undressed and hooked to observations. My blood pressure was 160/120 at this stage and my heart rate was at 160bpm. By this stage the chest pain was so bad they pumped me with medication to give me comfort along with medication for my blood pressure.

I was hot and cold, sweating, limping, and disorientated at this point. I can honestly say I thought that was it for me. A nurse that was caring for me sat with me while they were waiting for my heart rate and blood pressure to go down. She said a similar thing happened to her and that she was too scared to tell anyone in fear of loosing her job. Six hours it took for my OB’s to stabilise. Eight days I took off work on sick leave.

Today, almost nine weeks since getting two vaccines, I still feel awful. I’m always so tired. I get constant chest piano specially if I do anything that makes my heart race. I get palpitations constantly. I can’t run anymore. I get so out of breath. I’m a mum of three. The last thing I wanted was to feel like this. I wish I never got it. I wish I stuck it out and pushed through no matter the pressure I felt. I never wanted anyone to go through anything like this whether our stories are similar or not. I’ve never been anti-vaccine but I am never going to be forced into something like this again.

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