Australia Jab Injuries – Jessica Maree, From Northern Rivers, Australia

Australia Jab Injuries – Jessica Maree, From Northern Rivers, Australia

Australia Jab Injuries – Jessica Maree, From Northern Rivers, Australia

By Jab Injuries Global

Jessica Maree

Pfizer #1: FE8163
Pfizer #2: NA

I just want to start off by saying the last four months have been so isolating, feeling alone with my injury, and suffering. I’m scared to talk about it publicly let alone privately.

Before I got my vaccination, I was a healthy, vibrant thirty-four year old mother of two. I walked four kilometre’s per day, coached my daughter’s soccer team, worked five days a week, and volunteered on many community committee’s. My husband travels a lot for work so the majority of the hotel life duty’s fell to me.

My work mandated the vaccine and I had a family history of stroke so I made the informed choice to have the Pfizer vaccine over AstraZeneca. After my first shot on August 19th 2021, I had textbook symptoms — sore arm, headache, and a bit of fatigue.

I showed up for my second jab on September 9th 2021. They asked me how my first one was, gave it to me, and sent me away.

Five days later, while collecting my kids from school, I suddenly felt unwell. I had pain and numbness radiating from my chest down my left arm. I attended my local hospital feeling like I was having a heart attack. They were condescending. When my mum attended to collect my very scared children, the nurses said to me it would be nice for me to have some “me time” in a hospital bed covered in machines and monitors. They kept me for two lots of Tropinon before sending me home with Gaviscon.

I went home and slept for two days and nights before retuning to my local GP office. They took one look at me and sent me off to another hospital for testing. They took bloods and a chest x-ray before giving me oxycodone and sending me home.

Another five days passed where I was too unwell to care for my children. I slept most of the day and night, barely ate, couldn’t walk from the bed to the kitchen without being in intense chest pain and short of breath but too scared to go back to the hospital to be treated like I was wasting their time.

I saw my GP the following week who had been away up until this point. He listened to my chest and rang straight through to the local cardiologist, who booked me for an echo that day.

Based on the echo, the cardiologist wanted a cardiac MRI to rule out myocarditis. Being that I live on the NSW side of the border communities, I couldn’t get into Queensland to have the required testing for a mont. During this time, I just had to live with the pain, shortness of breath, and exhaustion. I wasn’t offered any medication to help in any way. I was unable to care for my children, and my husband quit his job to be home.

Three weeks post-vaccination, I returned to work but couldn’t manage much more than three hours and would come home and sleep, useless to my family.

The cardiac MRI diagnosed myocarditis. At this point, I was offered medication to try (colchicine), told not to “exert” myself. I am still living with chest pain and SOB every day. This is affecting my relationships because I’m constantly irritable, exhausted, and cranky. Recently, my echo looks good so the specialist is backtracking and basically I’m left to live with the pain and discomfort without worry from medical professionals.

It worries me that the pain and suffering caused by these vaccines isn’t being spoken about in the media. To make it worse, now the pressure of vaccinating our kids has started. My family have been left with an uncertain future both medically and financially.

I saw the cardiologist on Friday and he’s now back tracking on everything he’s ever said and I’m over it all, I have letters from him to my GP and MRI reports to say I have myocarditis. He told me I’m never to have another jab just before Christmas.

Now he’s saying it’s questionable if I ever had myocarditis and saying that a six month exemption is all I’ll ever get. My echo is okay so he basically said what do I want from him.

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